Knowing Your History Drives Your Future


African Moors in Spain who introduced learning and civilization in Spain

Student loans, pursuit of a bachelor’s degree and the potential to pursue a graduate degree, but I still have not scratched the surface of my ancestry. It’s been repeatedly and relentlessly hammered into my mind that education is the key, but why has my education blatantly not included me.

I’ve learned about the beginnings and possible ends of the U.S., but the only beginning of my people that I was taught was Africans in the slave trade. Why did none of my textbooks tell me about the dynasties in Egypt?

Why was I not told that the Bible paralleled the Egyptian’s scriptures of the “Book of the Dead: The Book of Going Forth by Day,” which was written before the Bible? My curriculum forced me to take two levels of Spanish or French when my native tongue may have been Swahili or Zulu.  

Historically black colleges and universities with the “A&T” and “A&M” are still stuck in the mindsets of trying to prepare black students to be “good employees.” We have gotten past that phase as a race. When will HBCUs start pushing us to be entrepreneurs, teaching us how to run our own businesses? Not to go and work for big newspapers but to start our own editorials. No offense to the corporate ladder climbers, but it would be nice to be the founder of the company, not just the CEO.

Talk of graduate school, master’s and doctorate degrees loiter near my thoughts like horse flies. There’s nothing wrong with furthering one’s education, but I’m tired of only reading and writing about what others have done. I’m ready to do my own works.

Education should not teach us to conform. It should teach us to question almost everything so that we can arrive at the solution on our own.

I often wonder, when Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. fought, was it for conformity or just an equal and fair playing ground? Maybe it was a fight for blacks to have the same opportunity to learn our beginnings, as they taught us the beginnings of the Western world.

I probably won’t spend any more of “my” dollars on higher education after this bachelor’s degree. I’d rather invest it in trips to Egypt to see the tombs and pyramids that my ancestors built or maybe take trips to Europe to walk through the cities and streets that the Moors built.

I wonder if science teachers, in addition to Sir Isaac Newton, told students that Moors – black people – introduced astronomy, chemistry and medicine to the world, would black children still feel inadequate in those subjects. 

According to Carter Woodson’s book, “The Mis-Education of the Negro,” “If you teach the Negro that he has accomplished as much good as any other race, he will aspire to equality and justice without regard to race.”

My point is, you cannot fully benefit, if at all, from an education that suppresses the very essence of who you are. Your future will be driven with or without the knowledge of your history. However, the knowledge gives you the choice of a culturally enlightened future.

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Mike Lawson Radio Interview with WANM 90.5 The Flava Station


Mike Lawson had his first radio interview with DJ Meagy Meg on WANM 90.5 The Flava Station Friday, Oct 31. He said as an up-and-coming artist he saw this as a step forward in his rap career, an opportunity for people to get to know who he is.

“This is my first radio interview so you know I got to show out right now,” Lawson said .

He introduced his single “Trouble Girl,” from his EP “City of Statistics” which made many references to the Tallahassee area.

“A little storytelling … I had to make it realistic to the girls here…, ”said Lawson.

He said his song “Trouble Girl” is his perspective of what women go through to achieve the goals they set for themselves. He said it’s just some motivation to the ladies from him.

“I really did this song for all my young and older ladies … who are setting goals, not just to set them but to achieve them,” Lawson said . “I hope all my ladies are inspired by it and my fellas respect it.”

Lawson said he will always continue to create music. He’s going to let music take him as far as it can. However, Lawson said he wants to teach, as well.

“I have a passion for kids, teaching and inspiring.”

Lawson is working on releasing his second song off his EP, “Young Kings and Bosses,”  a dedication to the guys.

Lawson is a fourth-year business administration student at Florida A&M University from Miami. Lawson started rapping in 2008 with a microphoe and a computer program called audacity. Mike said he came a long way from where he started. His first rap ever started with his spelling out his name now he raps in complex rhythms and rhymes.

If you would like to reach out to Mike Lawson, check him out on:

Twitter@ _MikeLawson

Instagram: mikevelli91

Sound Cloud: Mike Lawson

Media Contact •Kevina Fullwood• 305-924-5301

I’ll Wait……

I initially chose to stay a virgin for fear of disappointing my mom. She was pregnant with me at 16.

I watched my closest friends get pregnant and have abortions. I heard girls and guys talk about how they “need” sex and how “it’s hard to stop after you start.” Once you hop off that porch, there is no coming back, and sexually transmitted diseases are lurking at every corner.

My generation perceives virgins as naïve. People seem to think we are immature until we have sex. They have the “you can’t knock it until you try it” mentality. Just because I haven’t hopped off the porch doesn’t mean I can’t see what’s going on in the street.

I was never really a hard-headed kid anyway. It did not take touching a hot stove to understand that it could burn me. After I saw my friends touch it and get burned, I learned to avoid touching it.

Curiosity won’t kill this cat.

When I turned 18, I established a relationship with God. I figured that as a sinner, the least I could do was save my virginity until I get married, although I try to avoid other sinful behaviors, too. If I wait until marriage, the chance of having one sexual partner is increased.

I also decided to wait as an emotional defense mechanism. When you become sexually involved with a person, you expose yourself emotionally. Nine times out of 10, the guy you said “could get it” probably wasn’t worth it. You can protect against unwanted pregnancies and get medicine for diseases, but there are no contraceptives for emotions.

Being able to say that I am a virgin at 21 makes me feel accomplished. I can say that I did something that most people could not do.

I feel liberated, almost as though I have the upper hand in life. With my mind not being swayed by the desires of sex, I can think more clearly and make more realistic decisions in relationships.
When put in compromising positions, I have that extra strength to say: “We need to stop. This is going too far.”

I feel disciplined. The easiest thing to do is to say yes to others and to our own desires. It takes a certain level of maturity and discipline to say no.

Having sex does not make you an adult. It doesn’t make you more of a man or a woman. Paying your own bills and avoiding calling your parents for help, that is adult behavior. Understanding who I am and what I want out of life and sticking by it makes me an adult.

Understand that my staying a virgin is not due to fear. I have more to give than to lose. Plus, the best things always come to those who wait.

Rap Cypher “Breast Cancer Awareness”

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Rap Cypher “Breast Cancer Awareness”
#breastcancerawareness cypher….. Rappers Omega Crimson, Mal Forte, Charlie Sky and mike lawson encourage breast cancer victims and survivors.
Length: 3:44

Mike Lawson

IMG_9649Mike Lawson is an up-and-coming artist in Tallahassee. Lawson is a fourth-year business administrations student at Florida A&M University, originally from Miami. Lawson has been doing music since 2008, originally recording with Viciously Educated Tactics in Miami and currently performing in Tallahassee with Positive Generation Entertainment.

He is also the first in his family to attend college. Lawson said he feels the struggle of wanting to be back in the comfort of his home city. However, the need to do something different for his family outweighs those desires.

Right now, Lawson is in the Big Brother Little Brother program. He has been very active in the community. Lawson performed at the Sickle Cell Rally at Walker Ford Community Center, the Martin Luther King event at Kleman Plaza and the Boys to Kings Lock-in. Through music, Lawson plans to mentor and inspire generations of people from poverty and drug-stricken communities.

Lawson  released his first single “Trouble Girl” off his soon to be released EP “City of Statistics,” October 10, 2013. His official album will be released early November.

A few weeks ago, Lawson and a few other rappers-Mal Forte, Charlie Sky and Omega Crimson-made a lyrical dedication to survivors and breast cancer victims.

#breastcancerawareness cypher….. Rappers Omega Crimson, Mal Forte, Charlie Sky and Mike Lawson encourage breast cancer victims and survivors.

Just.. Love

Just… love

I enclosed you in my desires and wants,

unconsciously scripted your response to my over flow of love.

Love sincerely, genuinely, maybe even carelessly given-

 according to you.

However I put out love where I see love is due.

Initially I rejected your physical appearance

A bitter remembrance of past relationships

I prayed to finish.

My heart was fondled and fiddled by men that looked like you

They originated from down south too

Canvasses of ink embedded in their skin,

nappy heads, rough lookin.

I tried to reject you from my spirit, from deep within

But I met a spirit as strong as mine and it demanded to be accepted.

I began to give in, you are nothing like those men

Still consciously trying to fight this alien attraction.

The poetic stanza of your spirit well spoken

had chastised my arbitrary judgment, chances not given

I was tuned in.

Understand that I loved you before I knew it

I love your essence, I love your words,

 I love your awareness of your corrupted surroundings and refusal to be bound by it.

Because this is, all of you, apart of you

Is it accurate to say I Love You?

Why yes it is accurate to say so, do so…

But unfair to impose,

 those feelings and emotions on an unready spirit, unready soul.

I grew up in a home where saying I love you is second nature, truth in every syllable.

But in your not so…

Obviously built to be tough.

Chains and military combat to guard your spiritual source, your precious gem

I tried to find the kryptonite to this man of steel

Maybe the lost of your beloved grandmother laid the first layer of bricks

The lost of a love you treated inadequately,

due to immature boyish behaviors and childish mentalities.

She laid the cement, the final brick

As long, as wide, as that wall in China

I would scale those walls and travel to its very ends

Just to have a place in the heart you have strategically hidden within.

These two instances shed light on the truth

People don’t last forever but love do.

 Love teaches and you learned. So apply it without fear

of damaging another heart because the guilt from it was burdensome.

You are a man, baby you are a man and now you understand love.

                                                                                                                                         – Kevina